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Can anyone wear labradorite crystal?

Can anyone wear labradorite crystal?

May 20, 2024


David Miller

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A Labradorite Bracelet 18k Gold Plated is a piece of jewelry featuring labradorite gemstones, which are known for their unique iridescent qualities, set in a bracelet that has been coated with a thin layer of 18k gold. This is a feldspar mineral that displays a captivating play of colors, often including shades of blue, green, gold, and sometimes red or purple. This phenomenon is known as labradorescence. This indicates that the bracelet is made of a base metal (such as sterling silver, brass, or another metal) that has been coated with a layer of 18-karat gold. The "18k" refers to the purity of the gold, meaning it is 75% pure gold mixed with other metals for durability. Gold plating is a more affordable alternative to solid gold, offering the appearance of gold Jewellery without the higher cost.

A Labradorite Bracelet 18k Gold Plated offers a combination of aesthetic, metaphysical, and practical benefits. Here’s a detailed look at the advantages:

The iridescent sheen of labradorite, combined with the luxurious look of 18k gold plating, creates a striking and elegant piece of Jewellery that can enhance any outfit. 
The neutral tones of labradorite make it a versatile accessory that can be paired with both casual and formal attire.

Labradorite is often associated with enhancing intuition and psychic abilities, making it a popular choice for those interested in spiritual growth. Believed to be a protective stone, labradorite can help shield the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. Known as a stone of transformation, it can support personal growth, help break through obstacles, and encourage positive change. Labradorite is said to calm an overactive mind, reduce stress, and balance emotions, promoting a sense of tranquility and clarity.

An 18k gold plated bracelet is more affordable than a solid gold bracelet, making luxury more accessible without compromising on style. While not as durable as solid gold, gold plating still offers a good level of resilience with proper care, ensuring the bracelet maintains its appearance over time. Depending on the base metal used, 18k gold plating can reduce the risk of skin irritation, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin (though it's important to ensure the base metal is also hypoallergenic).

Gold-plated jewelry is relatively easy to maintain. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth can keep the bracelet looking new. Compared to other types of plating, 18k gold plating is less prone to tarnishing and discoloration, especially with proper care.

Wearing a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry can enhance self-esteem and confidence. The presence of labradorite, with its reputed calming and focusing properties, can serve as a reminder to stay mindful and centered throughout the day.

In summary, a Labradorite Bracelet 18k Gold Plated not only offers aesthetic appeal and elegance but also provides various metaphysical benefits and practical advantages, making it a valuable and versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

Which wrist do you wear labradorite?

Labradorite is believed to have several metaphysical properties, such as enhancing intuition, protecting against negative energies, and promoting transformation and strength. 

Left Wrist: Often associated with receiving energy and internal processes. Wearing a labradorite bracelet on the left wrist might help you absorb its protective and intuitive properties more effectively, fostering personal growth and emotional balance.

Right Wrist: Typically linked to giving energy and external actions. Wearing the bracelet on the right wrist might help you project the stone's energy outward, aiding in manifesting intentions, protecting against external negativity, and enhancing your interactions with the world.

Comfort and Dominance: Some people might simply prefer to wear their bracelet on their non-dominant hand for comfort and practicality. If you are right-handed, you might choose to wear it on your left wrist to avoid interference with daily tasks, and vice versa.

How durable is labradorite?

Labradorite is moderately durable but requires some care to maintain its appearance. Here are some factors that affect its durability:

Labradorite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This means it is harder than some stones like fluorite or opal but softer than others like quartz, topaz, or diamond. It can withstand everyday wear but is susceptible to scratches from harder materials.

Labradorite has perfect cleavage in one direction, which means it can split along defined planes more easily. This makes it more prone to chipping or breaking if struck sharply or dropped. While labradorite is fairly tough, it is not as resilient as some other gemstones. It can be damaged by strong impacts or pressure.

To preserve the beauty and durability of labradorite, consider the following care tips:

Avoid Hard Knocks: Protect the stone from impacts and drops to prevent chipping or breaking.

Store Properly: Store labradorite jewelry separately from harder gemstones to avoid scratches. Use a soft pouch or a lined jewelry box.

Clean Gently: Clean with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners, as these can damage the stone.

Limit Exposure: Avoid exposing labradorite to extreme temperatures or prolonged sunlight, which can affect its color and structural integrity.

Are labradorite expensive?

Labradorite is generally not considered an expensive gemstone, especially compared to more precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds. However, its price can vary depending on several factors. The quality of labradorite is determined by its color, clarity, and the strength and range of its labradorescence (the play of colors). Stones with vivid, multi-colored flashes and minimal inclusions are more valuable.

Labradorite offers excellent value for money, providing a unique and captivating appearance without a high cost. Its affordability, combined with its stunning visual properties, makes it a popular choice for both casual and statement Jewellery. In summary, while labradorite is not typically an expensive gemstone, its price can vary based on quality, size, cut, origin, and the materials used in the jewelry setting. It is generally considered affordable, offering a beautiful and distinctive look without a high price tag.



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