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tourmaline bracelet

Introducing our stunning multi-colored Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet...

Feb 27, 2024


Raju Dhanhoa

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This stunning tourmaline crystal bracelet perfectly showcases the sparkling beauty of the tourmaline gemstone. The term "tura mali" in Sinhala means "stone combined with bright colors", hence the name tourmaline. Colors range from magenta to deep blue, meadow green to vibrant yellow, and even black.

 is the benefit of wearing a tourmaline bracelet?

Tourmaline helps victims feel safe and stable while reducing their anxiety, confusion, tension, and emotions. place. It encourages positive thinking. This stone helps in understanding oneself and others. It attracts kindness, empathy, friendship, and love. It gets people interested in connecting. Tourmaline also helps reduce past pain.

It is known for its strong defensive properties. It creates a shield around the user, repelling negative energy and mental attacks. This crystal is believed to transform negative energy into positive energy, providing a feeling of empowerment and power.

Tourmaline stone can promise diplomacy, tact, and patience. It helps people understand the situation and communicate goals clearly. Tourmaline is said to protect energy well and can also protect the user from various dangers and misfortunes.

Many good forces that protect against life's challenges are associated with the many colors of Tourmaline. It helps you reduce all your burdens. Emotional control is another concern for Tourmaline.

Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet 18ct Gold Plated

On which hand are you wearing tourmaline?

Your right hand is also your working hand and harmonizes the chakra with your chakra manifestation. Target type. The best gemstones to wear on the wrist are black onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, tiger's eye, and lava.

Can I wear tourmaline every day?

Tourmaline is suitable for daily use, but be careful. For example, you wouldn't want to choose it as an engagement ring because it doesn't look like a diamond. But you can wear tourmaline earrings or necklaces every day.

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