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Plum Purple Pashmina Shawl - Livloko London

Plum Purple Pashmina Shawl

Apr 24, 2023


David Miller

Hand knitted Plum Purple Pashmina scarf. Maybe that explains why he has such soft eyes. Although it is the heaviest of the entire Pashmina collection, it has a special fluidity and gives a feeling of lightness. Dense twill weave creates a very opaque fabric. The softness is undeniably excellent as it is the best quality. This product is not available in stores.

It is suitable for all seasons and times of the year. Almost anything will go well with this outfit. Slip the Pashmina Shawl over your shoulders for a gorgeous look or tie it as a scarf for added comfort. Suitable for all seasons, these clothes are a must for today's women.


Plum Purple Pashmina Shawl


This is a beautiful plum red shade with fringe trim. If you are lucky enough to attend a wedding, event or business event, it is the best cashmere to hang your clothes. This Plum Purple Cashmere Shawl Scarf is made in Italy at size 37 for quality standards and functionality.
Bridesmaids, prom, race day or perfect to complete your wedding look, a beautiful cashmere scarf or large knit shawl in a variety of colors and fabrics is the perfect fashion accessory to add to your army.

Extra Warm Pure cashmere shawl is the best choice.
It has insulation material that cools the outside and heats the inside.

Why wear a Plum Purple Pashmina Shawl?

Warmth. If warmth is all you need this chilly season, it's time you pick a Pashmina shawl as soon as Fall arrives. Pashmina has perfect insulation properties which prevent cold to touch your skin, as well as trap heat inside.

What does 100% Pashmina mean?
It is not unusual for products that claim to be "100% cashmere" are actually made from viscose, wool or cotton. According to tradition, authentic Pashmina products are handmade on the stalls.

Pashmina is perfectly insulated to shield the cold from your skin and trap the heat inside. Therefore, Pashmina shawls and scarves are perfect to jump right into the cold and ripe winter.

The number one reason why cashmere is best suited for winter is that it keeps you warm in cold weather. It acts as an insulator, keeping the heat inside and preventing cold air from reaching the skin.
Is Pashmina a luxury item?

Hand embroidered handmade cashmere shawl is the most traveled way in the luxury world. The skill of the artisans, the rarity of Pashmina and the beautiful embroidery over the years make this shawl a luxury item in the fashion world.

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