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RFID Wallet for Men - Livloko London

RFID Wallet for Men

Oct 22, 2022


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RFOD wallet for men

The RFID wallet is among the most basic and essential items that every man carries. Wallets are the ideal storage containers for coins, bills, cards, and other items. Additionally, they are very practical to carry around all day. In current contemporary environment, owning a wallet is advantageous for a variety of reasons. Smartly designed, slim, or ultra-slim wallets are ideal for today's practical, modest, and style-conscious man.

How does RFID technology work?

Radio-Frequency Identification is referred to as RFID. This technology makes it possible to wirelessly transmit information using radio waves There's a strong probability that you currently carry a credit or debit card with an RFID chip or tag in your wallet. Instead of swiping or inserting your credit card to make a payment, RFID credit cards allow you to pay by simply tapping the card against the reader. These cards are frequently marked with three to four curved lines that signify a wireless signal This signal's transmission range can be from a few centimetres to several metres.

When the chip comes into contact with a reader, a weak radio wave is released, which is how the chip operates. The reader's signal must first activate the tag in order for the chip to transmit a signal that relays information. In this case, the tag is used to transmit your credit card information to the reader. Data can be transferred using this easy, efficient, and quick method.

RFID technology is a modern convenience that speeds up and simplifies payments, but it can also make it simpler for identity thieves to steal your data. Although the tiny chip in your card that lets you tap and go may be convenient, it also exposes you to danger. When the chip is sufficiently near a reader, it emits radio waves, but you might not even be aware of it.

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How LIVLOKO wallets will keep your data safe?

Your cards won't transmit RFID information while they are in the card holder thanks to a technique called RFID theft protection. Your Contactless board doesn't seem to be working. Your card is consequently added to the list of outdated cards without the contactless plate. When using your cards, simply keep them inside the RFID wallet to protect them from data theft with no additional work on your part.

Your card will continue to issue contactless data once you take it out of the card reader so you can continue using it to make purchases and perform payments as usual. It stops emitting data as soon as you place it back in the cardholder, preventing RFID theft.


Some features of our wallets:

They have a Long Life

Leather is known to be strong and to have a very long life, in contrast to wallets made of synthetic substances. If you purchase a high-quality leather wallet, you may be able to use it for the rest of your life. Many businesses and brands process the leather in the best way possible to prevent wear and tear. Leather is a sturdy material that was primarily created to be used in challenging environments. Additionally, it has incorporated into daily life. You won't regret buying it as a result.

They look classy

Leather wallets are more attractive because they are elegant and luxurious. Additionally, it improves over time and is a timeless work of art. Designer wallets are very popular and are used by lots of people. Leather is perfect for any situation or time of year. Therefore, to guarantee that you will never be out of fashion, always opt for a leather card wallet, which you can feel proud of passing down to the next generation.

Ideal for travelling

Leather wallets make the ideal travel or vacation companions because of their water resistance, small size, and number of card slots. While travelling, it can be challenging to manage cards like debit and credit cards, etc. As a result, leather wallets with card slots are the ideal accessory for organising multiple cards in one location. Professionals who carry a lot of business cards should invest in leather wallets as well. The wallets' light weight and easy fit inside the pocket are the most important features to keep in mind.



In contrast to wallets made of PU material, leather wallets are also a wise choice because they are environmentally friendly. People would rather purchase products made of natural materials than something artificial. Consequently, by making a one-time investment in a leather wallet, you can contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Breathable leather

Of course, leather does have a natural ability to breathe. Therefore, choose leather wallets if you're looking for a material that doesn't defect. Therefore, everything that your leather wallet contains will be secure and undamaged.

Always in fashion

The best thing to keep in mind about leather wallets is that they never go out of style, and as a result, they will never let you down. Whether you want to take a RFID wallet on a trip or just for a regular day at work, you can rely on it to not abandon you when you need it. Regardless of age group, the leather wallet is appropriate for everyone. If you attend any event and are interested in the accessories that people are wearing, you can always spot a leather bag, wallet, suit, or jacket.


The leather card wallet's high degree of flexibility is one of its best qualities, which can attract you to invest in it. This feature lengthens the wallet's lifespan and increases its durability. Because they are made of rigid plastic and are made of textile plastics, synthetic wallets may become damaged after little use.

Because it is skilfully crafted from soft hide leather, this small but generous wallet feels opulent in your hands. A wallet that delivers in terms of usability and functionality is one whose organisational component has been carefully considered. By protecting your card information from outside intruders, modern and secure RFID technology makes sure this RFID wallet is secure enough to use in the modern world.

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