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tiger eye bracelet

Tiger-Eye Bracelet

Nov 17, 2022


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Let the limitless quantities of peace and tranquilly that nature's tiger eye, a sort of natural healing stone, may provide you, fill you. The crystal known as the stone of action and bravery is recognised as the best crystal for making firm decisions. Every action, in the end, originates with a solid and assured thought. This stone can help you boost your fortune and keep it going. It is a great stone to wear when you are stressed out in order to retain your composure because the tiger eye is also thought to help with understanding and awareness.

It belongs to the quartz or chalcedony mineral family and is opaque in colour. Tiger's Eye, which has a silky shine, grows over other minerals, such as crocidolite, until it displaces them with dense threads that give gems their natural colour striations. If you are fortunate enough to hold a rare variety of tiger's eye, such as blue or green, you will find the same type of striations and streets organically formed in the stone's shine. You frequently notice streaks or overtones of yellow or brown in tiger's eye.

 Wearing a bracelet made of tiger's eye crystals will assist you in entirely altering your mind process and removing negative thought patterns. As a result, you'll be in a position of warmth, love, and abundance and be able to view things and yourself more positively. Furthermore, you will be able to rationally resolve issues in your life. You will easily be able to push aside unpleasant thoughts, and even the most challenging problems will have ready solutions.


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Spiritual meaning

When your chakras are out of harmony, things could start to go wrong in your life. The tiger eye stone can help to restore balance to your chakra, which will also help to reunite the harmonious coexistence of your inner and outside worlds.

The solar plexus chakra is the chakra that the tiger eye stone is most usually associated with. An unbalanced solar plexus can cause feelings of losing control. Your external environment will mirror how disorganised you feel on the inside, and the reverse is also true.



Tiger eye stones have been around for a very long time and in many different cultures. Consider ancient Egypt as an example. These common stones were worn by nobility and pharaohs. They thought they could capture the vigour and vitality of the midday sun.

Ancient Chinese folklore is another thing. Tiger is a popular sign of protection in the Chinese astrology. To ward off evil spirits, these locals cut tiger eye stones into amulets that they wore as amulets.

Soldiers would wear this stone during combat throughout the Roman era. They thought it offered protection to protect them from harm and death. Additionally, tiger eye would strengthen and courageous them.

The tiger eye stone was found in South Africa in the late 1700s, according to history. It immediately became well-liked and was mined in countries including Mexico, Australia, and Russia.



The tiger's eye stone is thought to bring wealth and fortune by many people for a very long time. Whether you are a business owner or simply attempting to get your finances in better shape, this gem can be your trustworthy helper. People who wear tiger's eye might be fortunate and wealthy. Some people also think that hanging it over doors will allow success to enter their homes or places of business.



The Tiger's eye can be a great asset for those trying to get out of a mental fog that has plagued them for years as a result of inappropriate handling of emotions and negative energy. The following psychological advantages of tiger's eye:

It can help you concentrate better on the things that are essential to you, especially on tasks that are artistically related to your interest. You are probably well aware of how challenging it may be to pursue something if you are unable to focus on it at all.

It can help by fostering the required mental clarity for when you need to make important decisions.



Everyone needs bravery in order to pursue their aims and goals. One of the earliest meanings of the Tiger's eye is the concept of spiritual courage, the purest type of courage. Just because the situation is difficult or changing doesn't mean that this kind of courage will be easily weakened or extinguished. True bravery is the ability to let go of excess tension and stress while maintaining one's courage in the face of the most severe circumstances.



If nothing you do makes you happy, there is certainly some bad energy surrounding you that needs to be immediately cleared or else you won't be able to function normally. Due to the fact that this stone attracts positive people, who in turn make you an exceptionally positive person, it enables you to live in harmony. These energy can be brought into play by wearing it.



What happens when you go through a financial catastrophe in your life? How do you manage it? It's pretty obvious that this is the main reason for your tension. Your perspective on life generally deteriorates when you're stressed. You can achieve financial stability in this situation by using a tiger's eye stone to assist you survive the current economic downturn.



If you're looking for protection from many types of negativity in life, let this stone stand by your side. In the end, whether you wear Tiger Eye Beads as a necklace, ring, or bracelet, you must wear them to shield yourself from evil eyes.



It makes it possible for you to stand by the choices you make in life. It's crucial to maintain psychological stability so that you can make sound decisions, regardless of how slowly you make them. If you have given up trying to make the proper decisions, this stone may be able to help you.

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