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Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet - Livloko London

Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet

Dec 05, 2023


David Miller

This Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet is a powerful combination of 3 healing gemstones. Because of its close ties to the soil, lava stone can balance and ground the root chakra.

The stabilising and grounding properties of Tiger's Eye make it a powerful stone for protection. It improves moral character, determination, self-assurance, practicality, and the effective application of force. This stone balances the root chakra and aids in purging your body of unfavourable emotions and thoughts, allowing you to prosper.

Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet helps with inner healing and conflict resolution. It promotes harmony, bravery, comprehension, and safety.

Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet Creates Focus and Clarity By strengthening the wearer's connection with the earth's vibrations, bracelets with lava beads promote clarity of thought, control overthinking, and bring back a better level of focus.


Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet


What are the benefits of wearing lava rock?

Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change. It provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger.

Which wrist do you wear Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet bracelets?

Left hand, to benefit from the benefits of the Tiger-eye Lava Rock and Agate Stacked Bracelet on the earth, you must wear the bracelet on your left hand, because it is the hand that receives. But if you plan to wear it on specific days to dispel negativity or drive away evil, you can wear it on your right hand.

Do lava bracelets really work?

Because of the natural element associated with lava beads, they are thought to manifest a great earthly power within them. A lava bead bracelet is so much more than just a fashion statement. The lava stone can help to restore balance to the chakras.

What are the benefits of Agate bracelets?

It has a soothing energy and can be quite protective. Agate is excellent for harmonizing and rebalancing the mind, body and spirit. It is also believed to cleanse the aura and transform or eliminate negativity. It is even said to improve mental function and analytical abilities.

Is Agate good luck?

Agate stones for luck are known for warding off negative energy, calming storms, bringing victories in wars, and even healing snakebites. There are many kinds of Agate stones: Blue Lace Agate is one common type of this stone.

Is Tiger Eye good for wealth?

It is often recommended to increase abundance and prosperity, which makes it a natural fit for Xun. Place a tiger's eye stone in this area of your home with the intention of welcoming more abundance into your life.

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