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What is Amazonite bracelet? - Livloko London

What is Amazonite bracelet?

Jun 20, 2023


David Miller

Amazonite is said to give truth, respect, and justice to the wearer. Amazonite bracelet is used to treat fatigue, injury, or anything else that could drain a person's energy. Amazonite is said to help with thyroid problems and is also helpful in treating alcoholism.

This Amazonite bracelet is the perfect complement to any outfit. The feeling of luxury and elegance is further enhanced by the beautiful jasper on the inside of this bracelet. Amazonite gemstone is known for its cooling effects. Equally important for both stones is their role in the body. Amethyst is known for its healing properties and earthly energy, and amazonite bracelets have a harmonious vibration that promotes balance. Healing Properties of Amazonite

Amazonite not only looks beautiful, but also promotes healing in your mind, heart, body and spirit. This waterlike stone is crystal lovers' first choice when it's time to set the stage and create a storm of emotions.True Amazonite is usually very shiny. If not, it often looks like a wonderful polish has been added to the stone. If the stone you see doesn't shine, it's probably not real. Painted or polished stones still lack the authenticity of Amazonite.

Jasper and Amazonite Bracelet

Is Amazonite safe to wear?

Amazonite is a powerful protective stone that protects the wearer from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Thanks to its durability and softness, it can be worn every day without discomfort.

Is Amazonite worn every day? Can I wear or carry
Amazonite every day? 

Amazonite is a very protective stone that protects you from the radiation waves that exist in the world today. It's strong yet easy to wear every day without pain.

Can Amazonite Stone survive in the sun?

Yes, Amazonite can stay in the sun, but be careful not to leave it too long or it will discolor. 3-4 hours is a good time to recharge your stones. You can put it under the window if you are afraid of damaging the stone in the strong sun.

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