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Are you Looking for Secure, RFID Wallets for Men? - Livloko London

Are you Looking for Secure, RFID Wallets for Men?

Mar 10, 2022


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Are you looking to upgrade your existing wallet with the latest, premium wallets? Do you need a more secure alternative to protect you and your details whilst you are on the go? Well, in that case we would like to introduce you Livloko, the leading supplier of handmade wallets in the UK. Here at Livloko we have made it our mission to give all of our customers the stylish and secure resources to keep their money and data safe. 

With this in mind we are proud to offer you a wide range of wallets to cover all styles and purposes, this includes our RFID wallets for men which are perfect for when you are travelling, out and about shopping or simply carrying out your day to day routine. Each and every one of our wallets are handmade to the highest of standards with great care and attention to detail to suit any budget. 

Why Choose our RFID wallets for Men?

Our RFID wallets for men conveniently have RFID blocking technology integrated into them which automatically means you are protecting the cash, cards and personal details within your wallet. RFID is often found as a chip in your credit or debit cards which enables you to tap your card against a reader to pay for something, as opposed to manually inserting or swiping it in the machine itself. As useful as this is when you are shopping or paying for something in a hurry it can often make you a target for unwanted tap and go transactions, so with this in mind, Livloko is now offering RFID wallets for men.

Whether you are looking to keep the classic, leather style wallet with the added cash and data security features, be that the Country Leather Bifold Wallet, the Windsor Leather Trifold Wallet or maybe something even simpler like the Bond Card Wallet. Perhaps you want to go all out with our modern, lighter carbon wallets with all the bells and whistles, such as the R2 Carbon Fibre Trifold Wallet, the XR1 Carbon Fibre Money Clip Wallet or even the Ultra Minimalist Carbon Fibre Slim Card Holder. Livloko has you, your money and your personal information covered. 

Buy with Confidence from Livloko

So, why not shop our range of premium leather and carbon fibre RFID wallets for men on our website today and save yourself up to 30% off?

Should you want to get in contact with us you can do so by either completing an online form which can be found on our website or by sending us an email to and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss you enquiry and provide you with any further information about any of our products and the materials we use to supply our customers with the highest quality, premium RFID wallets for men to keep you secure and protected at all times.

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