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Guard Your Cash and Your Identity using an RFID wallet for men - Livloko London

Guard Your Cash and Your Identity using an RFID wallet for men

Mar 12, 2022


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The age of quick payment options and wireless technology makes life thousands of times easier…for thieves. Using what is known as RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, digital fiends never even need to touch you to you to pick your pocket. With a simple scanner, they can snap up your credit card information, identity, or bank account data in mere moments, without you ever knowing you’ve just been robbed. This kind of theft is known as Digital Skimming, and it’s becoming more popular as the larcenists of the world upgrade to modern tech. In order to combat this, the average person needs to step up their game to block radio frequencies around their most precious possessions.

How Digital Skimming Works

All that is required to skim your credit card information is an RFID skimming device, or a smartphone that has an RFID skimming app, which is easily downloaded and installed via any number of sources. The person carrying this device or phone must then stand within six inches of you, as they would waiting in line, or merely brushing past you while you shop. Their RFID reader automatically looks for any cards or items on your person putting out a radio signal, such as those that allow you to wave them against a reader to process payment. It takes that information as it would if it were a device you were using at checkout and stashes it away. Later, that data is downloaded to a magnetic credit card creation machine (costing about $300) which can then replicate your card, giving the the thief an exact copy of whatever it has taken from you.

Not only working with credit cards, anything you carry on your person that has a high-frequency radio transmitter, which can be any number of things, is susceptible to being skimmed and duplicated in this fashion. Thus far, the only way to guard against this kind of theft is by carrying your items in a protective sleeve that blocks RFID from escaping, and thus blocks skimmers from snagging your info.


How does RFID protection work?

In virtually all your cards an RFID chip is incorporated. This chip allows you to make a contactless payment. Super convenient. With the introduction of contactless payment, various bodies such as the consumer association and various banks already warned about a new phenomenon: digital pickpocketing.

Soon the first wallets and covers with aluminium foil around it appeared. Aluminium foil stops radiation and prevents contactless payment. Soon after the first metal cases with RFID protection were marketed. Not much later the first wallet with RFID protection was sold. The development of RFID protection has developed to the point that it can be incorporated in wallets by means of a foil. With the introduction of our brand in 2013, we decided as one of the first brands to provide our full range of leather wallets with RFID protection.

RFID Wallet facts:

Let's take a look at some facts about the RFID protection that we use:

  • An ultra-thin foil film stops the radiation. This film has a thickness of 100 microns. 100 micrometres is thin. Very thin. 12 times as thin as aluminium foil and 100 times as thin as printing paper!
  • This film fully complies with the REACH standard.
  • Specially developed for shielding electromagnetic waves. It screens all relevant frequencies with a range of 125 kHz LF to 13.56 MHz HF.

The foil is incorporated in an invisible way on the inside all of our men's wallets. 

Apart from the fact that all our men's wallets are equipped with RFID protection, you can also easily recognize them in our web shop by the RFID logo. Also on the inside every RFID wallet is provided with the RFID logo.

Our tips:

  • Do you want to prevent criminals from taking money from your account unnoticed? Make sure you keep your payment card in an RFID wallet! Is there no RFID logo in your wallet or card holder? Then it is probably not equipped with RFID protection.
  • Always block the view when entering your code. As soon as criminals get your code, they are able to access larger amounts digitally.
  • Do you still have doubts about the safety of contactless payment? Then switch off contactless payment. This is often possible via the banking app on your phone.
  • This is quite a rigorous measure. You can also lower the daily limit for debit card payments. In this way you limit the damage when they would get to you.


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