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Guide to Wearing Men's Bracelets

Mar 12, 2022


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While bracelets and dudes can appear like a convoluted mix, men’s bracelets have really taken off in the last few years. For the sartorially and stylistically inclined gentleman, bracelets have afforded men the ability to showcase their style, personality and potentially some of their story, without barely mentioning a word. And in the most effortless manner possible.

With a strong resurgence in men’s bracelets and an accompanying growing range of options, there is little wonder as to why men seem to be flummoxed by the sheer variety of bracelets to choose from. Moreover, how do we size and style them, along with wear them amongst other bracelets in a well put together, coherent fashion? In this detailed guide, we will cover how to wear & style men’s bracelets.



Discerning between bracelet choices ultimately comes down to your style preferences, and what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Looking for something more vintage and throwback? A leather bracelet will do the trick, providing you with an aura of rugged masculinity.

Looking for something more stylistic and versatile? Beaded bracelets are your perfect choice here, providing you with a natural look that shows off an affable side to your personality. Beaded bracelets, such as those of the gemstone variety, can add a certain edgy element to your look and also make for a great conversation starter.



Just as with any other item of clothing, fit and proportion are of paramount importance. This essentially comes down to choosing larger bracelet sizes for larger wrists, and smaller bracelets for corresponding smaller wrist sizes.

Additionally, the bracelet should be tight enough to fit snugly around your wrist. For example, an oversized metal bracelet that is sliding up and down your arm will prove to be more of a nuisance than an aesthetic complement. Heavier bracelets should be fitted more closely to your wrist size, while lighter bracelets can have more freedom of movement.



Start with a single or couple bracelets and adorn one wrist with them. Fairly simple. If you wear a watch, wear your bracelet on the opposite hand. Alternatively, forego the watch and go with a bracelet. You want to ensure that your watch and bracelets are not too similar in width- a thicker, wider watch requires a thinner bracelet, helping provide the right level of contrast and harmony.

A single beaded bracelet often does the trick. Refined, elegant and minimalistic.

Use your single (or couple) bracelet to bring your outfit together. Picking a bracelet with a colour elsewhere in your attire will make your bracelet game look seamless. If you are looking for something neutral, stick with a natural colour such as leather or wood. 


The latest trend with influencers, movie starts and celebrities alike, stacking bracelets have certainly become the trend do jour (or of the decade?).

Stacking bracelets is the art of styling different types of bracelets on the wrist at the same time, and is commonly referred to as layering. The idea is to pull off a unique look that a single bracelet cannot deliver.

Start by stacking two to three bracelets that are somewhat similar in theme but don’t necessarily match with regards to colour or material. When stacking a few bracelets at the same time, it is best to go with bracelets that are thinner and smaller in size, such as a paracord bracelet or beaded bracelets. These can then be combined with a leather bracelet to add further visual interest.

A great example, and in conjunction with the above, would be to combine two beaded bracelets (lavastone with grey agate / hematite / onyx / blue regulate) and a brown or black leather bracelet.

This look would result in a balanced but colourful stackable bracelet look that harmonizes colour, material, styles and widths of bracelets, resulting in an instant conversation starter!

Stacking bracelets with different colors and materials can lead to some incredible looks.

Examples of stacking bracelets: 

  • Combining leather and beaded bracelets for a more casual look
  • Mixing beaded bracelet of varying patterns and sizes
  • Combining steel and tan leather bracelets
  • Mixing a variation of chain and steel bracelets for a more rugged impression


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