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What is Solar system crystal bracelet 14ct gold plated? - Livloko London

What is Solar system crystal bracelet 14ct gold plated?

Aug 30, 2023


David Miller

A Solar System Crystal Bracelet, often made with 14ct gold plating, is a piece of jewelry that features gemstone beads or crystals representing various celestial bodies in our solar system. Each bead or crystal typically represents a planet, moon, or other astronomical object. This type of bracelet combines the beauty of jewelry with an interest in astronomy and the cosmos.

The design of a Solar System Crystal Bracelet can vary, but it usually includes beads or crystals arranged in a way that mirrors the order of planets in our solar system, with larger beads for the larger planets and smaller beads for the smaller ones. The colors of the beads or crystals might also be chosen to correspond to the colors associated with each planet based on their appearances.



Solar System Crystal Bracelet 14ct Gold Plated


Here's a general idea of how the beads or crystals might be arranged on a Solar System Crystal Bracelet:

  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune

In some designs, additional beads might be used to represent the asteroid belt, moons, or even the Sun at the center of the bracelet.

The use of crystals or gemstones in jewelry often carries metaphysical or spiritual symbolism associated with the properties of the stones. For example, different gemstones are believed to have various energetic or healing qualities. However, the specific properties attributed to each crystal can vary depending on different sources and belief systems.

If you're interested in a Solar System Crystal Bracelet, you might want to consider the significance of the crystals used, the arrangement of the celestial bodies, and the craftsmanship of the bracelet itself. Whether you're drawn to it for its aesthetic appeal, its symbolic representation of the cosmos, or any potential metaphysical properties, it can be a unique and meaningful accessory.

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