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Chakra bracelet for women

Women’s Chakra Bracelets

Nov 17, 2022


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The demand for chakra bracelets is now experiencing tremendous growth in market. What is a chakra bracelet exactly? Chakra bracelet is the name given to a gemstone bracelet that contains the associated healing crystal for each of the 7 chakras.

The idea of chakra bracelet is that each of these seven chakras is represented with a gemstone or crystal and accompanying colour gives rise to the chakra bracelet meaning. Particularly when worn on the body, chakra bracelets can have a therapeutic, meditative, and balancing effect since they use those particular hues, crystals, and gemstones. According to popular belief, chakras offer subtle energy that promotes optimal function of your body's organs, mind, and intellect. Although chakras and spiritual energy have not been fully investigated in medical studies, they may help you think about your own mind and body in the same way that any religion or belief does. Jewelry made of stones aids in viewpoints that bring stability and harmony to life. In some ways, the bracelet made of stones aids in giving the human body stability and equilibrium. chakra bracelets help you to clear your mind of uncertainty and gain a clearer perspective of your surroundings, which increases your sense of self-assurance, communication skills, and self-confidence. People who wear chakra bracelets are said to enter a state of Utopia that increases happiness and gives them more hope for the future. Due to all these benefits chakra bracelets are becoming popular in the world.


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There are different gemstones for different chakras. But these are the ones used widely:

  1. Red jasper for the Root chakra.
  2. Carnelian and Picasso Jasper for the Sacral chakra.
  3. Yellow jade for the Solar Plexus chakra.
  4. Aventurine and moss agate for the Heart chakra.
  5. Amazonite and turquoise for the Throat Chakra.
  6. Lapis Lazuli and sodalite for the Third eye chakra.
  7. Amethyst and quartz crystal for the Crown chakra.

Women's accessories would not be complete without a bracelet; thus, it is recommended to wear a women's chakra bracelet because it has additional advantages in addition to looking fashionable as well as enhancing mental health. These chakra bracelets come in seven different colours, so they go with any type of clothing. Crystals with a wide range of colours that match the chakras in our bodies are used to make chakra bracelets. The wearer of chakra bracelets benefits in a number of ways. When making your chakra bracelet, use real chakra beads rather than imitation ones and high-quality string to ensure it won't break easily. One can quickly determine whether the beads are authentic or phoney. Since the beads are made of plastic or other low-grade materials that are simple to drill through, fake chakra bracelets frequently exhibit smooth, flawless drill marks. The beads are significantly more likely to chip when drilled into since genuine chakra beads are crafted from genuine minerals and gemstones. From left to right, arrangement of the gemstones should be in order of the chakras. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple should be in that order. This illustrates how your chakras are arranged from your waist to your head. Your left and right wrists should alternate wearing your Chakra bracelet. Your right wrist gives energy, whilst your left wrist receives it. Depending on the size of the beads, 20 to 40 clear quartz beads.


Why should women wear chakra bracelets

 Women's chakra bracelets not only go well with your outfit, but they also ease stress and promote optimism, which helps you make better decisions.

  1. This women’s chakra bracelet is appropriate because women experience a lot of stress due to their jobs, families, and children. It will aid in concentration and help her let go of negativity.
  2. The attractive colours of the gemstones in the women's chakra bracelet not only enhance the wearer's look but also complements most of the women’s attires.
  3. Women can even wear these bracelets to work, a party, or other events.
  4. These bracelets look well with both casual clothing and gowns with flowery prints since they properly complement one another.


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How to style women’s chakra Bracelet

Complement colours right

 You must choose the appropriate colours for your outfit since these beads are natural and come in a variety of colours. You may also add black beads to your chakra bracelet to complete the design. The seven chakra beads should be kept in the middle however any other coloured beads may be used instead of black.

One can also wear their chakra bracelet with another beaded bracelet, which looks beautiful too. The colour of the remaining beads on the chakra bracelet and the colour of the beaded bracelet should match or be a shade of that colour so that they complement each other and don't look out of place. Depending upon the destination and occasion you can choose the colours of women's chakra bracelet. For example, in an office, one might prefer a single chakra bracelet with seven chakra stones and the remaining stones being black or brown. One will choose to wear multiple bracelets when going to the beach, and the chakra bracelet can be turquoise or sea blue in colour. Make sure there is some matching between your women’s chakra bracelet and your wristwatch if you are wearing both at the same time.


Look over the fitting

Make sure the chakra bracelet is appropriately positioned on your arm as the chakras in the bracelet should come into contact with your body to absorb and release energy in order to maintain your physical and mental health. Additionally, if it's loose, it won't look good; it should be a perfect fit. Your bracelet shouldn't be so loose that it falls off your wrist or too tight that it scratches your wrist or leaves a mark on your wrist.


Stack the accessories properly

Women's chakra bracelets should only be stacked if they look excellent together. One can stack a single chakra stone in one bracelet and the other remaining beads being transparent or black beads. Seven chakras will make seven bracelets, and this may look very good and nice, especially when you're going for an outing. Correct matching will result in a pleasing appearance. One should not over crowd her arm with bracelets so that they cause pain or discomfort over time. The beads also shouldn't be too heavy.


Can wear dangly charms

You can add hanging charms to your women's chakra bracelet since they go well with the multicoloured chakra bracelet and current women's accessories are incomplete without them. These charms will also give your attire a good, vibrant appearance. The hanging's colour should complement the bracelet, and it shouldn't be overly bulky.


Customise your chakra bracelet

Since there is a wide range of colours for these chakra beads, one may even select from a variety of 70 colours, one can easily customise their chakra bracelets. You can choose a chakra bracelet with just one colour, such as sea green or turquoise, or you can choose two colours, such as two shades of your favourite colour. The list goes on. In addition to making you look wonderful, these chakra bracelets have many more advantages so that you can give to your friends, family, and loved ones.

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