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We are a small, close-knit, dedicated, and UK-based team that designs and hand-makes high-quality accessories. You can tell from our product lines that we take great pride in what we do, are happy to serve our customers, and always deal honestly and openly with our international material suppliers.

LIVLOKO LONDON was established in the midst of the world crises, when, like many of you, our lives were turned upside down and we encountered incredibly trying circumstances on both a personal and professional level. We humbly committed ourselves to focusing on what we really love doing, which is making fashion accessories for both men and women.

In order to remind everyone of the great courage that has kept us all living and fighting for a better day, even when the world around us was turned upside down and became somewhat crazy, we defined the brand name "LIVLOKO LONDON".

The way a person responds in their darkest hour is said to be a good indicator of who they really are. Yes, life will constantly knock us down, but what matters is that we keep getting back up.

The ability to hold our heads high and know that no matter what, we continued living humbly and kindly toward one another and always did our best is crucial when we reflect back on these trying times that are typically out of our control. We are one!

LIVLOKO LONDON has now offered handcrafted and exclusive accessories to thousands of men and women, and we've gotten great feedback that has allowed us to expand our collections and make the necessary corrections. We only work with the best materials, ensuring that our accessories effortlessly raise the bar for the wearer's personal style.



You are the reason we obsess over creating elegant pieces that constantly exceed our customers expectations. Using imagination down to the finest detail in the unique design and choice of material for each and every accessory we make.

We test, test, test, reject, and restart every stage of the production process. Every single LIVLOKO LONDON product undergoes extreme testing to ensure that it will serve you well. No matter how much pressure you apply.

Wearing our high-end accessories will give you a more fashionable appearance and make you appear more put together. Above all else, feeling great is a result of accessorizing with items that complement your look, personality, and way of life.

Instead of having to spend a lot of money on new clothing, accessories are an easy way to achieve a trendy elevated look with your existing outerwear that is also affordable.



Alongside an ethos of high-quality manufacturing, we also strive to source materials from the best and most ethical suppliers. Fair wages and good working conditions are a must, even when it means paying more for our materials. Peace of mind and much better-quality products make it worth the extra effort.

  1. We are fully aware of the impact we can have on our partners and the people they work with. Therefore, we strive to source our materials from the best and most ethical suppliers. Fair wages and good working conditions are a must. We are opposed to squeezing suppliers for low pricing. So we share our vision of a long term understanding and cooperative relationships in order to gain our partners support to bring you a high quality yet competitively priced products. Even if that then that means paying more for our materials. Peace of mind and the finishing quality make it well worth the extra effort.
  2. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the environmental impactplastic has on our Mother Earth and her marine life so we have completely eliminated plastic from our supply chain and do not ship any plastic packaging from our suppliers, in our warehouse or with our customer orders.
  3. As part of an ongoing effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we are introducing more recycled and vegan fabricsto our product range that also meet our rigorous quality and durability standards.
  4. We aim to be net-zero by minimizing our operational impact on the planet through decarbonization targets, with plans to be carbon neutralin our direct operations by 2025.
  5. The final pledge is to be diverse by driving diversity, equalityand inclusion across every aspect of the business as we grow, with a focus on fair representation. We will ensure that there is a fair balance of men and women and team members from ethnic minority background at every level throughout the journey.



We offer a wide selection of handmade & custom designed items.

Excellent craftsmanship using only the finest materials, providing you with a wide range of exclusively designed accessories at very competitive prices makes LIVLOKO LONDON the place to shop. 

Exceptional Customer Focus – We are always working with the focus of offering exceptional customer services and improving all the time. Our foremost priority and secret to success is cliche but very true “Customers Always Come First”.

Fast & Free Delivery – We offer Fast and Secure services to our customer using our delivery partner Royal Mail 1st Class and Tracked services.

Custom Product Range & Competitive Prices – We offer the most affordable prices for our premium quality hand made range of products.



We're so confident you'll love our products - we offer 100% free U.K. shipping on all items and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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