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LIVLOKO was established in London during the year 2020, when like many of you our lives were also turned upside down by the global pandemic. During the next two years, we put everything on hold so that we could support our family and friends through what were very challenging times for us all. By the end of 2022, we were able to revisit our passion and desire to provide you with premium quality accessories at fair prices that everyone can afford.

We are a passionate and dedicated UK-based team, that designs and hand-makes high-quality accessories for men and women. We hope you can tell when viewing our product lines that we make great efforts and take exceptional pride in what we do. We are genuinely grateful to serve our customers and enjoy dealing honestly and fairly with our reputable global partners.

We defined the brand name "LIVLOKO LONDON" to remind everyone of the great courage inside each of us, that has kept us all living and fighting for a better day, even when everything around us has been turned upside down and seems to have become somewhat crazy. It sometimes feels like humanity is being lost in this modern world as we constantly see being demonstrated at the highest levels through the eyes of the media.

At LIVLOKO, we believe in serving humanity. Many people are participating in great causes around the world, though it sometimes feels through all of this, that we have forgotten how to care about one another, our fellow human beings, many of whom are struggling in silence and in dire need of our help right at this very moment. Let us care for all living creatures and the planet, let's also care for each other better and our world will be a much better place.

At LIVLOKO LONDON, we have now provided thousands of men and women with unique, fair-priced, exquisite handmade accessories. The positive feedback we've received has been wonderful and helped us improve, develop and broaden our selection. With our distinctive designs and premium materials, we are sure that our accessories will effortlessly elevate your style.

Thank you, The LIVLOKO TEAM



We are driven to create exquisite pieces that consistently surpass our client's expectations because of you. putting our creativity to the test in every aspect of each accessory's distinctive design and material selection.

Every step of the production process is tested, tested, rejected, and then tested some more. Each and every LIVLOKO LONDON product is put through rigorous testing to guarantee that it will perform well for you. regardless of the amount of wear pressure you exert.

Your appearance will be more stylish when you wear our luxury accessories. Above all, accessorizing with our pieces that match your style, personality, and way of life will make you feel amazing.

Accessories are a simple, cost-effective way to give your old outerwear a stylish, elevated look without having to break the bank on new clothes.



  1. We understand exactly how we can affect our partners and the individuals they collaborate with. As a result, we work hard to find the best and most moral vendors for our materials. It is essential to have good working conditions and fair salaries. We oppose pressuring suppliers to offer lower prices. Thus, we are able to bring you high-quality products at competitive prices because we share our vision of long-term understanding and cooperative relationships with our partners. Even if it means having to pay extra for our materials. The finished product and peace of mind make the extra work well worth it.

  2. We have removed 98% of plastic from our supply chain, do not ship any plastic packaging from our suppliers, and do not use plastic in our warehouse because we are committed to spreading awareness of the negative environmental effects that plastic has on Mother Earth and her marine life.

  3. We are expanding the number of recycled and vegan fabrics in our product lines that also adhere to our exacting standards for quality and durability as part of our continuous effort to lessen our environmental impact.

  4. Our goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by reducing our carbon footprint through decarbonization targets. We intend to achieve carbon neutrality in our direct operations by 2025.

  5. The final commitment is to be diverse by promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion in all facets of the company as we expand, with an emphasis on equitable representation. Throughout the process, we'll make sure that there is an equitable distribution of men and women as well as team members from ethnic minorities at every level.



We offer a wide range – of handmade & custom-designed products you won't find anywhere else.

We price fairly – we provide you with a wide range of high-quality accessories at very fair prices, making LIVLOKO LONDON the place to shop. 

Exceptional Customer Focus – We really care, and are always working with the focus of offering exceptional customer services and improving all the time. Our foremost priority and secret to success is cliche but very true “Customers Always Come First”.

Fast & Free Delivery – We offer Fast and Secure tracked shipping services to our customers using our delivery partners.



We're so confident you'll love our products - we offer 100% free U.K. shipping on all items and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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